NRA-Dart deal stalled

| 08/05/2013

(CNS): It appears that the government's deal between the National Roads Authority and local developer Dart Realty has hit a major stumbling block as the parties are unable to reach an agreement regarding the so-called third amendment to the deal, which involves the widening of the Esterely Tibbetts Highway from Camana Bay to George Town. Dart issued a release on Wednesday afternoon throwing the entire deal in question, when the developer said it had withdrawn from the talks over the proposed amendment to the deal, which Cabinet Minister Mark Scotland stated last week was "imminent". However, Dart said it now wished for the public to see the independent review as well as the original NRA agreement signed in December by the former premier and the two subsequent amendments.

Government confirmed Wednesday afternoon that it would be discussing the issue at Thursday's regular morning press briefing but it is clear that this deal will be pushed into the hands of the next administration.

In its release Dart said that after seven months of negotiations on the proposed third change to the original deal, government and Dart could not agree and as result the developer had withdrawn from further negotiations.

“Dart Realty expects that by withdrawing from negotiations on a Third Amendment, which has delayed the finalization of the Independent Review begun by PricewaterhouseCoopers in March 2012, the public will quickly be provided with the results of the Independent Review as well as the release of the executed NRA Agreement, and the First and Second Amendments,” it said.

“Dart Realty remains supportive of the new components in the proposed third amendment, which includes the widening of the southern portion of the ETH through Camana Bay to the Butterfield roundabout, and land transfers to Government adjacent to Smith Cove and Barkers.

“Dart Realty does not believe discussions on the third amendment should hold up the finalization of the Independent Review any longer as the components could form a separate agreement between Government and Dart Realty at a later date,” the developer stated in the release, raising questions once again about the value for money that Cayman will receive as part of the wider ForCayman Investment Alliance and whether the widening of the last part of the road will now be tied to the relocation of the George Town landfill.

Dart Realty Chief Operating Officer Jackie Doak pointed to the need to release the review to the public, not least because of the General Election which is just two weeks away.

“We believe that the public should be informed of the results of the Independent Review as soon as possible, particularly in the context of the significant progress being made on the main projects and in light of the upcoming election,” Doak said. “Dart Realty is optimistic its decision will expedite the completion of the Independent Review and the public release of the results. In the meantime, Dart Realty continues to fulfill its obligations under the executed NRA Agreement,” she added.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone remenber when Dart first came he had drawn up secret plans to dredge a canal through Barkers and a massive channel through the North Sound?  He has never had the Caymanian people's interest at heart and especially proved this by the way he so easily outmanouvered Mackeeva.  What we need to see is the original report by Pricewaterhouse not the 'Sanitized' and 'negotiated' current version.

    • Anonymous says:

      What you need is the truth.  Something you will never get from your "honorable for life" leadership.  Dart does successful and profitable business.  CIG does the opposite.  No surprise that the fools who back the government are against Dart.  Its like watching iguanas cross the road in mourning traffic.

      • Anonymous says:


        If you can't tell the truth on basic matters such as admit you were DUI, tell the name of the woman in the accident and call a spade a spade, how the dickanse can we expect to believe any word you say as a Minister after that. Credibility takes a longtime to acquire, but a short time to lose.

        Tink about dat, "doh" !!!!!!!!!! 

        Also to the PNA, please get your candidates from West Bay to pronounce their Vees, W's and TH's properly. For this to be coming from current leaders who still want to represent us and are 'supposed' to be educated is inexcusable. You can dress them up all you want but if they can't speak properly you are still taking country boy to the city.

  2. Anonymous says:

    DART is a Vulture Investor.  Anyone with a grain of sense can figure out what that means.  For those of you who don't know what a Vulture is then he is a JohnCrow Investor!

    he like all other successful businessmen only strike deals that benefit them more than the other party as that is how business is done.  DART is only special in that he only invests in countries that are either near to or on their Knees.


    unfortunately it's too late because he is a Caymanian now and our society is filled with cowards so he is here to stay. 

    • SSM345 says:

      Apart from DART, have there been any other investors willing to feed our economy to the extent that they have?

      Shetty? Back room dealings just like DART.

      Cayman Enterprise City? Back room dealings just like DART and Shetty.

      Cruise Dock? CHEC, back room dealings just like DART, CEC, and Shetty.

      See any similarities?

      And because of this, big mouthed wannabe's and the worst government the Cayman Islands has ever seen, do you think there is going to be a line of new investors waiting at our front door?


  3. Sasha Grey says:

    "Kenneth Dart, an heir to Dart Container Corp.‘s styrofoam cup fortune, is known as a guy who plays financial hardball against entire nations. And he apparently has no mercy."

    Thanks UDP!

    • Anonymous says:

      What about those who brought him here after Belize, and those that in turn in power that gave him status.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The real reason why Dart stopped the negotiations is most likely simply because he doesn’t want to sign agreements with politicians who probably won’t be in charge in a few weeks. Better wait for those who will form the next government.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why so many negative comments? The release of the report is positive news! Seems as if Dart is doing the right thing and pushing for the release of public documents that were probably being held back by the government through false pretense of ongoing negotiations. Don’t we all want to know what the former Premier agreed to with Dart??

  6. Anonymous says:

    DART positioning for the new Government to come..They got our beach land and he put in a road that he would have had to do anyway…

    Cayman we are screwed…wait for Chapter two when the next stooges take over…

    DART is exercising his authority and letting us know he is in charge. Think he cares now what the PWC report says…He has gotten what he wanted out of it..

    From the time he put that pedestrian crossing in at Camana Bay, I knew there was no way he would agree to having a four lane highway in front of hi property…



    • Anonymous says:

      Get your facts straight.  Check with the NRA to verify.  Dart is already required to widen the highway to 4 lanes through Camana Bay.  But they are not required to do that until Government widens the highway south of Camana Bay.  So Dart offered to pay for both under the 3rd Amendment….but the current Government wanted MORE and has now messed up the country's chance at fixing the death highway.  And we should vote for the PNA why?

  7. Gordon Barlow says:

    Mr Dart and his organisation are in desperate need of some decent local public-relations, that's for sure!

    • SSM345 says:

      DART has people to handle public relations.

      There could be a real possibility that its our government who doesn't want anything to be said.

      Just sayin….

  8. Anonymous says:

    I  guess the release is imminent now!! Its so clear who is holding the cards around this table. 

  9. Anonymous says:

    Great! Release everything to the public…not just what you want the public to see. I hope all of the politicians release ALL of the “confidentiality agreements” between Darts and the Government….ALL of them!! Then Caymanians could actually make fully informed choices!! But don’t hold your breath!

  10. Anonymous says:

    The naivety and totally misplaced faith of the Caymanian people never fails to astound me. I mean, you folks really thought this developer was your friend and was going to act in your best interests? Have you got a lot of learning to do. These are flinty-faced, hard-nosed only-ever-for-profit business people who are intent on looking after, first and foremost, their personal financial well-being, which means the success of their employer. They don't give a damn about you and me, why should they? I mean, we don't pay their salaries or anything. if you're dreaming otherwise, have I got a great bridge deal in SanFrancisco Bay for you, or London if you prefer! Sorry to be so graphic but I've seen Caymanians taken to the cleaners one too many times during my thirty-four years here and I'm sick and tired of it.  And please don't mention "the parks". That's what you call seed-money or chump-change thrown at a mark to soften them up and distract them away from the real issue(s).

    • Anonymous says:

      Totally agree, although I knew from day one he wasn't our "friend" and all the "Caymanians" that work for him selling out their souls for the almighty dollar! I have to laugh at these stuck up expats and caymanians who walk around with their noses in the sky thinking they are better than people because they have money, their whole life revolves around money and trying to impress each other, how pathetic!

    • Anonymous says:

      They are the king of manipulation and legal tactics. What prevented the developer from releasing this information themselves? They will pick and choose what they want released in the interest of their own PR. Seriously, you were not graphic enough!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You are delusional.   We are getting a brand new public beach and park (with actual grass!), three access roads into West Bay, and replacement of a derilict hotel.

      And in exchange, a land swap, with not one single penny expended by the government (and hence the people).  

      Where does your family go on a Thursday evening or Saturday afternoon?   More likely to hang out on Shedden Road or go to Camana Bay?   Dart has done a beautiful job with Camana Bay, and so far, the public beach park is starting to look great.  

      I have NO idea where people like you get these delusions of conspiracy and harm.   I find it funny that not one single person I have SPOKEN to is opposed to these developments;  the only opposition I see is from anonymous posters to blogs like these. 

      (No, I dont work for Dart or have any connection to Dart.   Just an unbiased, objective observor).  

  11. Anonymous says:

    I remember when Dart first started in Cayman, He must have been with good intentions, and a bigger plan in mind. His company was the model company every country would want. Every thing he seem to do, he was prepared to offer somthing back to the communities. Then somewhere down the road, (could be WB road), I am sure that someone must have gave him an Idea how he can save a dollar here and a dollar there, why invest and do things like Parks and other service for few million dollars, when a single person had the majic wand to make it all happen. XXX. 


    The PNA or the Muppets or what ever you want to call them all stood by. There is no way in WB Hell that they did not see the destruction going on and the XXXX dealings taking place. They acted like a killer that repents in jail. The only reason they feel bad is because they got caught out. Mr. Dart, you should be beyond this kind of games. In order for you to succeed in Cayman, we all need Cayman to be a better place. Make your deals to the Cayman public like how you started, let the people fuss and fight and some will support, either way, you know you will get what you wanted in the end.


    This WB Road deal is a very good example. The Project is wonderful, but there is no way I can feel good about it knowing that one man boast about the fact that he made it happen. You did not need that man, because if the deal is good you have the public support. I dont think the Cayman Public is against you or your corporation, just Like Scotland, nobody is against him, they just dont like to be taken for granted. One day you forcing down the throats the garbage from GT to put it in BT, now all of a sudden Mark saying he was not for it. Very disgraceful.


    So Mr. Dart if you have people on your team doing this back door deals and making your corporation look so cheap, I suggest you weed them out, Its not you Cayman is fighting about , its the company you keep. I am sure you heard that before. You hang with XXX, and soon enough you start to Quack. This throw out the deal paper to the public to look good at the last minute is normal. Its the old Bernancy story, if you do not know, read up on that smart rabbit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wrong, there were never good intentions…never! Just saying!
      This is just a distraction…he’s years ahead of you…while you deal with this mess, he’s already on to future plans

      • Anonymous says:

        Good point and bears repeating. He is years ahead. You guys are really out-manuevered and out muscled I’m sorry to say. (As are the expats marching around tooting their horns)

  12. Anonymous says:

    well done to dart…..they have obviously had enough of the government constantly changing the goal posts with their extortionate demands…. 

  13. WHAT !!!!!!! says:

    Is it BECAUSE DART  feel that UDP and PNA not getting to run the government this time and it wont be anymore sell out of the island..Just wondering????? 

  14. Truth says:

    Dart has now taken his turn at being srewed over by the "honorable for life" club.  I am sure he understands that its not personal,  its just business as usual here in Cayman islands.  Now he can go to court and stand in line for his caymankindpensation.

  15. Saw it coming from a mile away says:

    DART and the PNA (Please Not Again) should be cited and fined for electioneering furthermore for using our monies to do so as well. They had these so-called Reports for sometime and they have been requested by almost every media house in the Cayman Islands and Political Candidate for months only to be refused.

    Now they are going to release ALL three Reports a mere 2 weeks before the elections under the guise that they pulled out so it will be left to the next Government to complete. I would bet my last cent that this Report will cite how great the Deal is as a consequence the PNA deserves to return to complete its negotiations!

    The UDP and the UDP lite (PNA) have offered DART carte Blanche in this ForCayman Investment Agreeement. Why on earth would DART want an unknown entity or one that has openly challenge said agreement in power?

    My question to all voters today is; is this people Representation or Special Interest Representation?

    We the people pay them to represent our interest, considering the grossly negligent performance of the UDP and the UDP lite (a diet Pepsi is still a Pepsi) I want back my hard earned tax dollars wasted on them and demand that the authorities them fined for using our stretched dollars to campaign on just like what they did us with One Man, One Vote!

    Simply and utterly disgusting!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Wait a minute.  I thought the delay in the release of these documents was the horrible injustice?  Now ending the delay and releasing the documents is the horrible injustice?

      • Anonymous says:

        Cant wait to hear the comments when the report shows that the people of Cayman did get value for money.    Time for the Roadittes to lay down their swords and enjoy the upcoming new beach and park.  

  16. Anonymous says:

    Well, well, well. To say this is an interesting development would be a huge understatement.

    Only two weeks to the next election and this erupts.

    Whatever happens, I will be watching this situation with great interest.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Good move by Dart. Get the current agreement out in public so it does not remain a mystery going into May 22nd.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Dart cannot expect to bully their way to everything even though they have proven to have the resources to buy everything. NRA deal is essentially a steal and a classic example of poor negotiation by the UDP and now PNA so remember these facts on 22 May 2013

  19. William Wallace says:

    Mr. Dart we the people believe our land was given away for the almighty dollar to lined the pockets of a few greedy politicians. In light of this, we believe its time you are taxed to compensate our losses.

    This whole deal is just like when the white men came to the Americas. They gave the Indians trinkets and rum then stole their land. Now you want to replace the road with a couple of swing sets to pacify the few blinded Caymanians whilst you get your ten storey beach front property. That’s real value for money huh?

    I hope the new government sees through this plot and you are taxed on every penny you earn.

    • Anonymous says:

      What world are you living in ? Dart put out plenty to get this land, if you have been robbed it's by your own leaders…

  20. Anonymous says:

    I would like to see all previous agreements and all repoerts from PWC not just the latest one. Is Dart OK with that?

  21. Anonymous says:

    This anti-Dart obssession of the blind cave dwellers' section of Cayman -thatch palm, straw hats, seamen, kitchen bands and wampums were what made this great country – is going to ruin the REAL new Cayman that we younger Caymanians have to live in. I'm 26. Ackerman and his West Bay supporters + Ezzard and company are all over 50 -some MUCH older than that – are screwing it for those of us who will be here when they are gone. They just cannot see that the Cayman of their grandparents cannot be the Cayman of today.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey there "younger Caymaian".

      Do you know how I know you are not a real Caymanian at HEART? 

      Caymanians were taught to be respectful and you are not.

      We don't call it thatch "palm".

      We don't wear "straw" hats.

      We don't call or spell them"wampums".

      The Cayman of my grandparents was a Cayman were people had respect for their elders even if they did not agree with them, where people worked for a living and did not wait for a handout, and certainly did not view a 50 year old they way you do.

      You are 26 years young and cleary lack wisdom, experience, respect, vision and the ability to make a wise decision. I doubt you were ever introduced to "soap" and the "cabbage switch".


      • Anonymous says:

        8:51, I would say by the semi literate nature of your post and the attitudes you convey that you represent the "out-of-touchness" that the original poster you are responding to was writing about. You played right into his/her hands.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry if I offended you, 8:51, with my spelling and terminology but I was repeating what I thought I learned at school on "heritage days" taught by "born" Caymanian teachers  and told to us in stories from old people the school brought in for the occasion. You would be disappointed in the reaction of us students if you had been there. We were bored out of our minds and tried hard not to laugh at some of the music that our grandparents danced to. I stick by the point I was making that Cayman of today cannot be like the Cayman of our grandparents time. And yes,  I know about the 'soap" but not the "cabbage switch".

        • Anonymous says:

          You want to grasp reality?. take a drive through Camana Bay, straight up to the new road and while you driving make sure you take your few kids. At 26 with a mind like that, means you have a few kids, and blaming expats for all the problems. So as I was saying, make sure to take your kids along in the back seat, wear seat belts, (always got to be telling the kids what to do). just wear them ok. No back chat. Then driving look at the veiw and while you reach the bridge, ask one of your kids, "why would a rich man build a bridge over dry land". take a drive around the round about, say to your children, "look kids, this was all swamp and all part of Cayman, would you belive one man owns all of this, just one company", then drive in town and show all the empty retail space, you know kids, that same rich man bought all this business and closed them down. Ask the kids again, "why would a rich man buy buisness and close them down in the heart of george town". Then circle around and head to industrial park go another round about, "you know kids the same rich man buy his land next to the Dump, now he say he want the dump moved, its in his way. Kids what you think about all this, please be good to the man name Dart, because you will have to work for him one day". And apoligise to your kids for the same mistake about over and under development. Nobody is against development, but when you are taken for granted after awhile its get real old , real fast. Why do I suggest that you drive your kids around this area? I did it and even with a visitor and its was a hard knock at reality for me. Before my drive I was saying , these caymanian always against development, then I seen reality, no restrictions on one person development, wholesale and retail license, have a lot of landscape to do, why not open your own landscaping? have construction to do, open your own. , have people comming to cayman to visit, why not open your own hotel?, dont forget some come by boat, guess what? yes, build your own marina, and on and on, its not "For Cayman". its "For Dart". So cut the crap. and in case i forgot to mention, do you know that the small buisness has to pay for everything? no consessions given, but the big companies tell goverment cayman needs them and they should come here and build and do what they want no fees. And dont get me started with what goverment or cayman gets out of  cayman enrtprise city. The company pay goverment a fee inclusive of permits and turn around and charge other companies $10,000 with the lucrative idea that they dont have to go through all the crap to get a permit. Or you too young to understand this equation?

          • Anonymous says:

            Kids = Mommy I wan'tbe rich when I grow, please help me get a good education so I can control my destiny like him…

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks for proving the younger Caymanian right.  You really belive what you know so much you can't see anything any other Caymanian would know.  You will never again know the feeling of learning something new.  Good thing there are a few new guys to replace the old wanna be right all the time guys.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Dart is now throwing around their weight.  They will be waving around their money saying if you want us to save you you have to do as we say.  Just as expected.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Yeah yeah Jackie. Thanks for insisting we get to see the report NOW. 


    How about insisting the report was made public before the road was closed?


    Or  – before you started tearing it up with heavy equiptment?


    Or – before you dumped tonnes of sand on it?


    Your efforts for it to be made public NOW hardly improves your transparency record Dart!

  24. Anonymous says:

    like we didn't see this one coming…not a chance in hell that Dart will finish widening that road..He got what he wants now the people suffer..

  25. Anonymous says:

    Dart now throws the UDP and the PNA under the bus…lol

  26. St Peter says:

    I am sorry but my view on this deal is that every male politician who has been paid from our limited public assets to represent our interest – should be castrated, and every female politician who we paid to represent us – should be tarred and feathered…

  27. A who dat deh? says:

    Bite the hand that feeds you one too many times and guess what…
    Cayman be careful… In this day and age we are lucky to have this level of investment. Stop being greedy and attacking or prepare for more unemployment. Some people will realize the level of employment Dart has in the economy only when it is too late and has moved on. What a shame if that happens!

  28. Anonymous says:

    If the idiots keep it up they will KILL THE GOOSE THAT LAID THE THE GOLDEN EGG!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Right move, should have been done long time ago..but right now could it be politically motivated to support Mac and friends or PNA?

  30. Anonymous says:

    It has to be a frustrating excercise for a professional team to come up against a bunch of …

  31. Anonymous says:

    "nice" now dart got all that beach land on 7 mile beach and we have no new dump, no road widening , no land swap no NOTHING we are now probably stuck with the gt dump until we all die of cancer !!!!!   🙁

    • Anonymous says:

      Come now – sooner or later Dart will have to widen the road and deal with the dump. He needs those to enhance Camana Bay and his future development behind there.

      The new Govt just needs to stick it to him to get that done because as much as we want those things, he wants them as muchor more.

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess miles of four lane highway is nothing?