Political non-party releases political non-manifesto

| 16/05/2013

mctagg (239x300).jpg(CNS): The Coalition for Cayman candidates, who still insist they are not a political party, have released a national plan, which they insist is not a manifesto. However, the ‘non- manifesto' lists the collective agreed policy positions of the seven candidates on six key areas, from education to political reform. The candidates say that manifestos are long documents containing ‘big, lofty promises’ but their plan outlines their top priorities for the country, based on discussions and feedback from the people, that they say they will tackle f they are elected and able to form a government.  The C4C said that if they are elected, they will not implement any new initiatives without consultation.

"Successive governments have left behind many problems that we will address because we are committed to improving the lives of our people,” the C4C candidates state in their national plan. “Successfully implementing these national priorities that affect all of us will enable the country to focus on the many other issues that need to be improved to ensure that our children and future generations have the opportunities that they deserve.”

The seven candidates running in George Town and West Bay say they will establish the Cayman Islands as a centre of educational excellence; promote job opportunities and liveable wages; implement a comprehensive crime reduction policy; provide responsible and prudent financial management; ensure planned and managed growth and development in harmony with our environment, society and economy; and lead with integrity, honesty, accountability, and competence.

Even if all seven of their candidates are returned after Wednesday’s election, the group will still need to sell these policies to the other three MLAs with whom they will join forces to help them form a government.

Ironically, in the group’s sixth national priority regarding political reform, and despite many of the coalition candidates and previous members of the advocacy group being heavily involved in the one man, one vote campaign last summer, there is no mention of introducing the new voting method. Although most of the candidates on the C4C platform advocated for the more equitable and democratic system that would be far more likely to favour independent candidates if implemented, there is no commitment in the C4C national plan for OMOV.

However, the group does focus on integrity and, echoing the PPM campaign, they highlight the need to restore confidence, trust and respect to re-establish good governance. The first step, they say, is for Cayman to elect responsible, accountable leaders who are committed to putting the interests of the country first.

“Political partisanship has divided Cayman, limited ideas, and taken away the voice of our people. Smart, honest, independent minded leaders working together can form a robust government that will draw strength from diverse ideas,” the national plan states.

Another important point raised in the plan is the need for the wider public to understand exactly what  constitutes conflict of interest and corruption in public life, which is a valid point given the tolerance across the community for a lack of integrity in their politicians.

When it comes to the environment, the group is promising to pass a National Conservation Law but it appears that they, like most of the parties and groups running in this election, will be going back to the drawing board rather than bringing the existing law, which has been through a dozen consultation periods, to the Legislative Assembly. The C4C states it will: “Pass a National Conservation Law that is holistic in its approach, balanced in its perspective, and informed by public, private and civil society interests”, but makes no mention of the pressing need to amend the marine parks legislation and protect Cayman’s precious marine environment.

When it comes to finances, the team is promising a plan to make Cayman debt free by 2030. While they talk about expenditure, not revenue, being Cayman’s stumbling block to that goal, they do not say what they will cut. Instead they point to inefficiencies as the source of the local government’s financial recovery and the need to “eliminate unnecessary spending in the budget” and “a revised and comprehensive procurement process".  The C4C also say they will “assess all government-owned companies and services to determine whether privatisation is appropriate” and “review the Public Management and Finance Law PMFL to reduce bureaucracy”.

The crime plan includes developing a crime reduction strategy, but while the candidates have embraced the current education minister’s recently published education strategy, they do not state how the crime reduction strategy developed during this administration will fit into their crime plan.

Finally, in the plan for the economy and creating jobs, the group has set out a long list of what they call 'Strategies For Success' that range from reforming the work permit system to apprenticeships for young Caymanians.

See the C4C’s National Plan below.

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  1. St Peter says:

    This is not really a complicated election!

    The only real choice is to vote for the PPM leaving out two weaker PPM candidates in George Town and one in West Bay.

    In George Town Ms Roulstone and Bo Miller should replace two of the less experienced of the PPM slate and in West Bay I would prefer Mervin Smith to Mr Bothwell.

    East End and North Side – Arden and Ezzard are in my view the best choices and in Cayman Brac – David Bodden and Mr Kirkconnell…

    Also Cayman would be better off if the 'church-people' finally decided to stop grabbing for dollars and following Satan…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I read their non-manifesto. They lost my vote and the votes of my family because of what they did not say about clamping down on corruption. They carefully avoid saying that they would ensure funding the Anti-corruption Commission and they say nothing about forcing elected politicians and senior civil servants to publicly disclose their business interests that might influence their decisions. 

  3. Dred says:

    My position is this…..I want to see Roy and Jude make it BUT big BUT I want PPM taking the lead. Roy and Jude could join forces and get some position which would give them the ability to help while gaining them political experience in the runnings of the country.

    I really do not believe Roy or Jude first run should be running things. Government in Cayman is not like a business although it needs to move in this direction.

  4. 4 Cayman says:

    You know what would be nice to hear from C4C is that they were all attorneys and accountants in their own right. Some made millions by their right and have a nice nest egg put away for a rainy day. So my question, we are a broke country? So why is it these guys and gal have not once mentioned that they would do this work for free! Why do you need the salaries guys?

  5. Crock-a-Sack says:

    Roll dem sleeves up Roy my boy. Time to get your hands and arms dirtier. 😛

  6. Just Commentin' says:

    Hey! C4C! Come clean, dammit!  "If it walks like a duck…" applies so very well in this case.  What you have published is a manifesto and the C4C is political party; perhaps one in a very sick state of denial it would seem, but a party nevertheless. The C4C has unity, a chosen cadre of candidates, a common aim, a common philosophy, and some type of hierarchy. 


    Could you one of you here please go over with me again how you are not a party. Oh, because you say you are not a party. I see.  "Quack, quack" means "I am not a duck", eh?


    Unless and until you manifest the honesty to declare yourselves a party, C4C, I cannot vote for any of you. I just cannot see entrusting the future of the Cayman Islands to a sorry bunch of people that are in denial about who and what they are.

    • Anonymous says:

      The CNS headline for this article says it all. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Come on folks lets put the rhetoric aside for the good of the country it is time for all to put the country first. ################

      All C4C is saying is that they are not a Registered Party that have allegance to the party and with independent thinking they will bring democracy and decorum back to the country governance.

      Remember folks the country is only as good as the elected representatives as that is who the glass house employees report to every morning they report to work. They carry out the wishes of the elected Minister. If we give them Ministers of proven qualities, integrity, honesty, transperency and desires to put the Country 1st., they will be so relieved and this country will be blessed once again.

      Electing unscrupulous, self serving people to parliment again will do the Country more harm and we will all be even worse off.  Who wants that??????????  no one.

      • Just Commentin' says:

        So what are you saying? That C4C is a party, just not "registered" as such?  What kind of gobbledygook is that? Is what you just said the C4C official party line? Or did you just make it up as you went along?

      • Anonymous says:

        Anon 0725 if you have not figured this out yet then let me explain it to you.

        Reps from C4C know that the political climate in Cayman is really against the parties. So in the end they milk this idea and tell you what you want to hear. They are not a party and the sun did not come up this morning and will not go downthis evening.

        Listen if you cant be honest with the voting public in this regard what else will you bend the truth.

        Heres one we will not support Mac. True or false. C4C do not answerbecause we dont believe you.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Seems realistic to me not a bunch of over promising like the parties… Last 4 years Mac had the magic wand now Alden got it says he will wipe out the 200 million $ debt

  8. Anonymous says:

    This non-manifesto manifesto is a perfect example of the Nirvana Fallacy, a trick often used by politicians, where they call for things and ideals that everyone wants, thus implying that the opposition doesn't also want it.    As usual, it doesn't come with financial or economic methods or protocols to achieve these lofty dreams.   They are good dreams that we all wish for our children and ourselves.   We want improved education!   Yaaaaaaaay!   We want better jobs and more of them!   Yaaaaaaay!   We want governmental transparency and a sustainable economy!  Yaaaay!   Well, who doesn't want these things?   Anybody?   Nicely produced and colorful manifesto;   I believe their hearts are in the right place.   Perhaps next election they can come with solutions that we can believe in.  

  9. Anonymous says:

    C4C, please tell us where you all was hiding in the last 15 years.   I guess you will not say but I know.

    Each and everyone of you were living life with your rich friends. Sorry not Jackie, she was living with her mom then.

    Anyway tell me Mr. Scott which Caymanians did you help much less give a ride in your BMW. 

    None and thats why am not a C4C voter.

  10. Tickle my pickle says:

    This C4C group is so stupid and confusing

    • Anonymous says:

      individually they are actually very bright!  So not sure i understand how it went so wrong for the collectively!

  11. Anonymous says:

    HA, great title

  12. Anonymous says:

    Do you now understand why this group (political party) can't be trusted? No UDP, No PNA and very little, if any, PPM. Who do we have left to vote for?

    • Anonymous says:

      No i don't, enlighten me


    • Anonymous says:

      They are , like every other honest Caymanian anxious to rid Cayman of the UDP era XXX, but sadly all they will achieve is a split vote in favor of mackeeva.

      PPM straight vote , wether you like it or not, is the ONLY way to keep Mac XXX out.

  13. Anonymous says:

    After a fight, when Larry Merchant asked Mike Tyson what he thought of his Opponent's pre-fight plan, Mike replied: "Everybody got a plan.., till they get hit."


    This is how I see the C4C and their plan after the election if any of them get in. They have NO CLUE about running an entire Government and what sacrifices and trade off's you will have to decide on as a government.


    George Town, elect people who KNOW and UNDERSTAND the issues that are facing the country.


    Cayman is not a business that cares more about making a profit and the bottom line than it does about the health and welfare of its citizens and employees. What does the Government gain by making 1million in surplus while a 100 or so caymanians have lost their homes or are in the begging line at Social Services?


    What is Roy's real plan for getting those persons (hopefully they are only Caymanians) off the beging line at Social Services?

    • Anonymous says:

      And you think PPM and UDP are capable???? The combination of both those parties ran up our national debt from $92M in 2000 to over $800M today!!! C4C candidates have proven they can balance the book. It’s time for them to do it for Cayman. Please think Cayman….do you want to add another $300M to debt by the next elections?? Vote carefully.

      • Anonymous says:

        Really? You don't remember that McKeeva hired Roy and KPMG back in 2010 to do just that and they FAILED??

      • Anonymous says:

        Our national debt is not over $800m. According to the ESO central govt debt is less than $600m If you are including govt. companies etc. then they were not included in the 2000 debt figure and it is still less than $800m. Exaggeration only undermines your overall credibility.  

      • Anonymous says:

        Ummm….the FFR will not allow us to add $300m of debt.  

  14. Anonymous says:

    99% fluff. These folk apparently come from companies awash with cash.

    I am currently getting debt-free, the first thing I did was chop up the credit cards and started to pay them off. I moved to a cheaper house and stopped using ac. Last bill $103 down from $500.

    I'll be debt-free in about 12 months and have even managed to purchase a small plot of land.

    I buy food in bulk and grow a few things.

    The point I am making is that all these manifestoes mean nothing without drastic action. These stuffed shirts may have trouble running our debt-ridden country.

    • Anonymous says:

      What is ticking the Cayman public off is that we have a group of politicians that are smart and accomplished in their lives. Make excellent candidates to lead this country.

      But they continue to take the public for fools. They are not a party???

      You say that just because the climate is against party politics but the majority of quality choices for politicians are involved in these parties. At least from those running.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you are voting for parties rather than best candidates, then you are part of what ails this nation.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Thank God they didn't release a manifesto.


    "The seven candidates running in George Town and West Bay say they will establish the Cayman Islands as a centre of educational excellence"


    Education is # 1 on their list, and a worthy choice. However, the problem is that there is a breakdown somewhere between well-mannered, eager to learn, and very intelligent young kids entering our primary school, and the hundreds of barely literate graduates leaving our high schools each year.


    I am sick and tired of grandioise statements like "centre of educational excellence". It's like promising a homeless person that they will very shortly be moving into a mansion, when all they really want is a roof over their head.


    The rest of the statements all follow a similar vein, with the exception of "review the Public Finance and Management Law PFML to reduce bureaucracy" which could have been taken directly from McKeeva's playbook.



    • SSM345 says:

      " "review the Public Finance and Management Law PFML to reduce bureaucracy"

      Or put another way for the inept out there, "back room deals will resume and tenders from those I like best will get the job".

  16. Anonymous says:

    Now this statement sums it all up. Walks like duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck. Its a duck.

    The C4C needs to be honest with the electorate!

    • Anonymous says:

      Neither PPM nor C4C are applying for jobs like most of the other party candidates; they are voluntarily offering to accept a pay cut to do a job that Cayman desperately needs to be done.  Philosophically speaking, the PPM and some of the C4C Independent Candidates are not far off from each other.  Cayman would be a better place with a coalition of the two.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wasting "extra" votes on same party affiliates will install the wrong people for Cayman.  Have faith in the democratic process and pick the best candidates, regardless of their affiliation.  Otherwise, you risk becoming part of the problem.

  17. Anonymous says:

    They've released a plan outlining areas that should be prioritzed by the new government in whatever form its taken.  How can CNS find fault with that?  Is it because its not full of unrealistic promises designed to get votes which will soon be forgotten once the election is over?   

    • Anonymous says:

      Because it does not have ONE SOLUTION…..Who did the talk too?….the top priorities are Unemployment and Cost of Living, but how would these rich elite know that.

    • Anonymous says:

      No that's not the problem. The problem is this "advocacy group" continues to state at every turn that they are not a party when EVERYTHING about them indicates otherwise. Call it a 'National Priorities Plan' all you want but that document is a manifesto. They are not a party but an 'advocacy group' but yet what they are advocating for is that we elect THEIR representatives. I'm sorry C4C but please stop urinating on our heads and telling us that its rain

      • Anonymous says:

        The 7 Candidates are endorsed by C4C. The document is the National Priorities Plan of 7 persons working together seeking election. Read the document in full

        C4C is a separate Public Awareness and Advocacy group whom endorsed Roy, Winston, Jackie, Tara, Mervyn, Sharon and Jude.

        • Olivia Pope, the Gladiator says:

          The 7 candidates would have been better off not having the endorsement of this alleged advocacy group. It has become a liability.

  18. Anonymous says:

    LMAO … not a party?  Right! 

    • Anonymous says:

      party or no party who gives a crap???? They are much better to choose from than the others that are running again and again and again. We need a change Cayman, and the only how we will achieve this is by us Caymanians voting for a change.   Fresh new leaders please!! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Even if these Independent candidates were formally organized into a party (which they are not), why would it matter?  All you OMOV advocates are supposed to vote for best candidates not straight voting by party affiliation.  Remember?