Cops make drug & gun bust

| 20/04/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman Island headline News, Cayman crime, Cayman Islands Royla Police ServiceCNS): Police have six people in police custody following a major operation in the eastern districts of Grand Cayman today (20 April). Five Caymanian men and one Jamaican man are currently being held at the George Town Police Station in connection with a drug and gun bust. A police spokesperson said a substantial quantity of ganja, along with cocaine, hash oil and three firearms were recovered when the men were intercepted, having apparently abandoned their boat, which sank as they tried to make a landing on the local shoreline.

One firearm was taken from one of the males on arrest and two others recovered together with ammunition after an air and sea search, which located the boat and the residue of its illicit cargo.

Police said this was a substantial seizure of firearms and drugs which would have found its way into the criminal networks of the Island. CNS understands the operation took place in the Bodden Town area.



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