Female road victim critical

| 20/04/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand cayman Island Headline News(CNS): Police have confirmed that a female visitor to the island is currently in hospital in critical condition with life threatening injuries as a result of an accident on the West Bay Road yesterday evening (Monday 19 April.) Police said that just after 7:00 in the evening the woman, who was a pedestrian, was hit by two cars as she tried to cross the road by the Strand Shopping Centre. The victim has reportedly received multiple injuries and is currently being treated in the Critical Care Unit at the George Town Hospital.

Police said that the first vehicle was heading south on West Bay Road when it struck the woman, causing her to fall onto the windscreen of the vehicle and then threw her into the air, then into the path of oncoming traffic in the north bound lane. The victim is visiting the islands from the United States.
This morning the hospital issued a blood donation appeal from the hospital as a result of the victim’s need for blood and an already dwindling supply. The hospital’s medial director, Dr Greg Hoeksema, said that following the media publicity this morning for the blood there had been a tremendous response from the community and he extended his thanks to everyone whocame to donate.
He said the hospital blood banks were already getting low and alerts had been forwarded to regular donors but a more urgent request was being considered when the accident occurred last night, draining the remaining resources.
Anyone who can donate blood types A positive, O positive and O negative is asked to call 244 2674.
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  1. visitor from 4/14 to 4/21 says:

    I am from the United States and was on vacation in Grand Cayman when this happened.  I stayed at the Sunshine Suites and had to cross that busy road just to get to the beach.  Sometimes we would wait forever to cross and finally see an opening just to look the other way and sure enough another car going at a fast rate was coming the other way.   The speed limit is way too high for that road!  There needs to be more signs of all kinds.  Your roadways are not labeled clearly like they are in the States.  You need more cross walks in these high tourist areas.  It is absolutely ridiculous!  I don’t know how the government can’t afford this as everything there was so sky high in price. 

    To the gal that said we Americans stand in the middle and take pictures or show off our body, etc…, Give me a break!  I think most people are not used to this weather and are dressing lighter to avoid heat stroke  AND/OR cross the street to go to the beach. 

    Something needs  to change or pretty soon there won’t be much of a tourist industry for your island at all!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have been a tourist many times in GC and driven on West Bay Rd. and walked across WBR. As a driver, I find the road to be quite dark in spots and have in fact many times see people(tourists??) crossing at the very last minute. Scary!! I do not think I have ever driven the actual speed limit on that road as traffic has always seemed to keep my speed down. Better lighting along the roads are needed in busy areas.

      As for walking across the road and the middle lane controversy….up until I read these comments had always thought it was a great idea to cross half way when one side cleared and then stop and make it the rest of the way. NEVER did I think about someone travelling up the middle lane to overtake- Scary!! (I cross at points where it would not be a turn into a hotel etc. as I know I would not want someone standing in that spot, but wow, never thought of an over-taking driver!).

      I do feel crosswalks would help, but some people would not use them. I also feel signs that say "look right" or "look left" are very much needed for those new on the island and are just not used to looking a certain way for traffic- habits are hard to break and that is one habit one is taught very early. The Strand, Coconut Joes area, The Jet, Calico Jack’s are just some areas where I can think of where it seems very difficult to cross/congested areas that could use more light. Another idea could be simple pamphlets in hotels/cruise ships to remind people of the roads?

      I do hope the woman recovers and also the people who hit her find peace as it could have been anyone driving those cars (I do not believe speed was a factor?). 

      • Anonymous says:

         As for walking across the road and the middle lane controversy….up until I read these comments had always thought it was a great idea to cross half way when one side cleared and then stop and make it the rest of the way. NEVER did I think about someone travelling up the middle lane to overtake- Scary!! (I cross at points where it would not be a turn into a hotel etc. as I know I would not want someone standing in that spot, but wow, never thought of an over-taking driver!).

        Don’t feel bad…I do the same thing and I’m from Cayman.  I never thought about this either.  I think we should take out the centre lane and just put plants there.  I’m not sure about the name for it but I have seen it in may places.  Put in pedestrian crossings with lights.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Our hearts are so sad hearing of the tragic accident. She is a very special woman–a wonderful wife (of my brother in laws childhood friend), a great mom and a friend to so many–and we are all just devasted by the horrific accident–and praying with all our hearts that she recovers. Please join us in our prayers…..

    • Anonymous says:

      She is a very special woman.  Very kind to everyone. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    XXXXX I certainly sympathise with the woman and I hope she pulls through this, but I also can’t imagine how badly the driver feels about this.  From what I understand, this was not a case of a drunk driver, or a speeder, but rather a sickeningly sad circumstance that could happen to any one of us.  My heart also goes out to him because I understand that he is truly devastated by this.




    • Anonymous says:

      "rather a sickeningly sad circumstance that could happen to any one of us."  Please explain any circumstance when one can innocently hit a pedestrian in the turning lane of the road unless either a) it was not being used for turning or b) due care and attention was being paid.  This sounds like another example of apologist thinking,

  4. Anonymous says:

    It is a crying shame that this had to happen, but like many have stressed it was only a matter of time. My prayers go out to this lady and her family and that she will recover from this.

    It’s unfortunate, but some of these drivers on our roads have no respect at all for anyone. I recall just the other morning while running along South Sound around 5:00AM a driven in a big green pick up truck actually thought it was funny and pretended to play chicken with my Fiance and I. Ofcourse this caused us to run off the road with much fright as our adrenalin rose to a high. But this is the kind of people that are behind the wheel these days that have no respect for man kind…..

    I hope this is a wake up call for our Government to put something in place along WB rd.. so that something like this does not happen again to visitors or locals alike.


  5. Anonymous says:

    I recall that there were some barriers and walkways erected on West Bay Road several years ago specifically for allowing people to cross over. They did not last very long as they were constantly being damaged or destroyed by dangerous drivers.

    As a writer stated earlier, make the centre lane a different surface or have speed bumps put into it every 100 yards or so.

    • Cull away says:

      I am happy if dangerous drivers destroy their cars – it’ll keep the selfish @£$54£@ off the road for a bit. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    My suggestion for the WB road middle lane:

    Of course pedestrian crossings are needed.

    Max. speed 15Mph on middle lane (perhaps 10Mph?).

    Paint large "NO OVERTAKING"-signs on middle lane at regular intervals (150 yards?)

    Fine any driver who uses the middle lane for overtaking and/or speeding.

    An inexpensive solution and easy to implement too.


    • Lady Cab Driver says:

      There should be large bollards placed every 300 yards or so in the middle lane to stop overtaking.

    • Anon says:

      But not easy & efficient to regulate, since the Police would have to be always there.

      I think a better solution would be to place ‘sleeping policemen’ humps in the middle lane every 100 yards. This would mean that the traffic using that lane would be forced to slow down to pass over them. This is then self regulating.

      One thing that we all must keep in mind is that the middle lane as it now exists does facilitate the emergency service vehicles transiting WB road quickly during heavy traffic. So the NRA has to take everything into consideration.

      Making a firm example of drivers that cause these types of accidents would also go along way, i.e. jail time & long disqualification from driving.

  7. Anonymous says:

    When will the governmant wake up and take action ?

    We clearly need to reduce the speed limit, crack down on drunk drivers, enforce seat belt wearing, ban the use of cell phones whilst driving, enforce safe driving practice such as the use of indicators and most importantly lets have some safe places to cross the roads such as pelican crossings, traffic lights or even speed humps.

  8. Jan says:

    On our roads there are some excellent drivers and there are also some terrible drivers. I can’t tell you the number of times I have seen drivers use the middle lane as a speeding/overtaking lane.  It is dangerous and stupid.  It is terrible that this tragedy has occurred and it will happen again unless the speed limit is reduced and people who abuse the middle turn lane are stopped.  I live off West Bay Road and just a few weeks ago, after safely signaling to move into the centre lane, some idiot was speeding down the middle lane and lifted his finger at me because I was blocking his progress. 

    The only crossing (Lawrence Blvd) on West Bay Road is also dangerous because the traffic going north has a red arrow rather than a full red light so drivers think they can drive right through it.  Added to that when the Lawrence Blvd traffic filters onto West Bay Road at that same crossing I have seen numerous accidents and countless would-be accidents because the traffic on the road does NOT stop.  The traffic on West Bay Road should be stopped to make room for the filter traffic.  It is a ridiculous set-up. 

    I vote for reducing the speed limit, stopping the middle lane being used as an overtaking lane and getting more safe pedestrian crossings.  My thoughts and prayers are with the victim of this terrible accident and her family.




    • Anonymous says:

      Agree with most of you comment except the filter one….I think you will find it is up to the drive trying to JOIN the traffic to WAIT on a suitable gap. The traffic on the road is NOT reponsible for stopping to let them in. Same principle as motorways.

  9. Anonymous says:

    7 mile should be turned into a 25mph zone all the way upto the Westin.


    We have the highway now so no need to keep it as a 40 mph zone.

  10. Joseph Yates says:
    My heart cry out for the tourist lady that was knock down on West Bay Rd I knew this would happen it was just a matter of time, I have seen so many near misses of tourist almost getting knock down by very impatient and non courtesy drivers along WB Rd which has become a danger zone for pedestrians.
    Tourist come here and have to risk their lives to cross the street to and from their accommodation it is true what previous comments say about seeing tourist on the side of the road stranded trying to cross especially the elderly and those with children.
    We need pedestrian overpasses every quarter mile along WB Rd we have created a tourist Mecca along WB Rd without safe passage for our tourist to walk without being run over by our SUV dominated roads, this tragic event will have a negative effect on tourist.
    As a tour driver for many years I hear tourist complaining about their nightmare experiences while trying to cross WB Rd, I wrote about this previously but as usual it fell on deaf ears, the only things that has been improved on WB Rd are more buildings, bars, cars, and danger, can we not see we are fast becoming a place where tourist will come but only to return with a negative outlook of their safety on the famous road they have to drive walk and cross on a daily basis, we are surely heading for worse not better if we continue the way we are going. 
    • Anonymous says:

      XXX The visitors that come here would not stand in the middle of the street in the town/country where they live and expect vehicles to stop for them to cross, nor would they dare to strut across the street and sightsee and take pictures while standing in the middle of the street with a long line of vehicles coming from every direction but they come to Cayman and expect to do it?? HELLO!!! 

      Do we as Caymanians, when we go to a foreign country (and we’ve covered the whole world, I’m sure) strut across the street and stand in the middle of heavily busy streets and take pictures, talk to each other or just show offour bodies?? I don’t think so!! if so, we’d come back in a body bag!!  No, we use the common sense God gave us and act responsibly and respect the heavy metal that’s whizzing by on the streets.

      I pray for the speedy and full recovery of the person injured and for the family. 

      • Anonymous says:

        NO you are correct ……. but in most contry’s there is a safe and effective system for crossing the road!!

        I think you should reconsider your narrow minded way of thinking and admit that a system needs to be put into place! and drivers should be more aware !


        • Anonymous says:

          Some countries separate the tourists from the everyday business but there’s never been any planning involved here.

          Cruise ship visitors should be able to have a unique experience on this island and dropping them off downtown with not really much to do is not very exciting and bothersome to the local work force. You have to close downtown to vehicular traffic with the number of visitors the new berthing will bring in.

          As for the accident – awful shame and probably could have been avoided. The worst and most inconsiderate drivers I’ve ever seen are on these roads and there isn’t enough traffic police to stop the idiocy.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t know why you’re getting all the thumbs down for this.  I work in town right across from the cruise ship terminal.  I sit facing a window and have seen just what you describe frequently on a daily basis for years.  Only an hour ago I observed two young girls simply walking side by side along the middle of Mary Street from Fort Street all the way up to Hammerheads completely oblivious to all the traffic building up behind them. 

        Having said that, there is more we could do to help people crossing the road, e.g. install pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, and reduce speed limits in built-up areas to 25-30 mph.

        To the lady who got hurt.  I am not suggesting your actions led to this unfortunate accident XXXXX.  I wish you a very speedy recovery and sincerely hope this bad experience has put you off this beautiful island. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Some sidewalks wouldn’t come amiss either – if we could just get the cars to stop parking on them!

      • Anonymous says:

        I completely agree with you 04/21/2010 – 12:23!!! Exactly what I was thinking!

      • Anon says:

        Best wishes to the victim and her family.

        I totally agree with the previous poster when it comes to some of these visitors crossing the streets here. On many occasions I’ve had brake for them casually strolling by on a green light and I often wonder if they had too much to drink on the cruise ships or they’re just plain stupid. Hello, people! Green means it my turn, you wait. Duh!

      • Anonymous says:

        I completely agree with whoever posted this comment!

        Sure we should be courteous to tourists who visit the Cayman Islands practically everyday, but we have to use our own discretion/common-sense as do they! We cant be expected to slam brakes for every tourist waiting to cross the road there would be more unnecessary accidents than their are now and they cant expect to cross the road without looking and not expect something like this to happen.

        Just today on my lunch hour while turning onto a side rd. in town a woman was walking and talking with her husband not paying attention to where she was going, she stepped out onto the street as I was turning the corner I blew my horn and her husband pulled her from the roadside. I had to swerve so I wouldn’t hit her and had a car been coming in the other direction I would have surely hit it. This is a prime example of what happens here just about every 5 mins. when there are tourists in town especially.

        They cant do it where they come from, I’m sure they wouldnt walk across a busy new york street with out looking, so whoever told them that there arent any cars on this island and we still use horse and buggy had better inform them otherwise or this will continue to happen. (thank god it has been prevented on numerous occasions and casualties arent as bad as they could be!)

        I’d like to thank the drivers who are aware of what is going on around them and have helped in the prevention of this happeningmore than it has!! May this open "everyones" eyes, Caymanians and tourist alike!

        Also, my prayers go out to the lady and her family.

      • visitor from 4/14 to 4/21 says:

        you need to visit the United States and see how we accommodate pedestrians.  Your roadways are ridiculously DANGEROUS and the speed limit is way too high! 

        By the way not everyone is showing off their body or taking pictures int he middle of the road!  Maybe they are hot and need to dress lighter and (duh) are on their way to the beach!  Clearly, Grand Cayman is behind the times when it comes to the road infrastructure!!

  11. peter milburn says:

    Just wanted to add my thoughts to the very bad accident that happened on the W/B road.When I was part of the NRA board I brought this to their attention on numerous occasions that the speed limit MUST be changed to 30.or even 25..mph.Installing regular crossings with flashing lites would help as well.Add more lites where needed and have the Hotel/Condo folks hand out flyers to their guests explaining the traffic directions here on island.It is hard for them to look to the right instead of looking left as they do at home so a gentle reminder would help to save lives.If these bad drivers want to speed use the by-pass as thats why its called a by-pass(the west bay tourism area)

            Many times I have stopped to let these folks and locals as well cross only to have some idiot taxi/bus drivers try to pass in the middle lane as they rush to get their fares for the day.Crack down on a couple of them and that might do the trick but then again……………?I wish the very best for the lady that was hurt in this unfortunate accident and hope she will make a full recovery

    • Lady Cab Driver says:

      Many of the taxi and mini-bus drivers are a disgrace.  I have had the same experience of letting someone cross the road only to see an idiot charging up the middle lane.  These greedy people need to be banned and if they cause an accident they should rot in jail.

    • Anonymous says:

      25 mph with regular crossings with flashing yellow lights AND ‘look left’ or ‘look right’ with an arrow to the right or left – painted on the road right where the side walk meets the road. This is done frequently in the UK. Its a helpful reminder  – for those more and less familiar with the island.

  12. KMan Girl says:

    Wow this is sooooo sad! I feel so sorry for her and her family. Burst into tears watching the news yesterday. Cannot imagine what her family & friends are feeling right now. That could have been any of us!!

    Here’s offering her and her family lots of prayers and emotional well wishes at this most aweful time.

    WB Road is DANGEROUS! I live here and would NEVER want to walk across that road! Poor lighting, no safe pedestrian crossings, and now an increased speed limit. WB Road is almost as dark as Esterly Tibbetts! Let’s fix the problem so no other family visitor, or resident, has to go through this again.

    I really hope she pulls through!

  13. Skeptic says:


    I’m always shocked that the road most utilized by pedestrian tourist on this Island is 40 miles per hour and not one pedestrian crossing to accommodate these prized tourists, while other roads are limited at 25 mph/hr like between Shedden Road and the Butterfield roundabout.
     How many tourists will have to be hurt or killed before attention is given to them? 
    Pedestrian crossings with proper signage and illumination would be an extreme good welcome sign for tourists, in lieu of putting their own life in jeopardy and dodge the traffic on Seven Mile Beach Road.  Reducing the speed to 30 miles per hour on Seven Mile Beach Road would also make our visitors feel safer and welcom.
  14. anonymus says:

    Just because the road victim is not Caymanian does not mean that we should not show some concern for the victim and their family.

    We should be praying for their recovery, and even visit them to show appreciation for our tourists. Take her some flowers. The bible says we should be careful how we entertain strangers.

    Where is the love?

  15. Anonymous says:

    I hope the Gov sees this as an example of what West Bay road has become. Why is this road a 40?!! Every time I go on that road I see the poor tourists standing on the side of the road, dreading crossing it, knowing that they have to run three lanes across just to get from their hotel to the restaurant or the supermarket. How stupid is our Gov not to have either more stoplights, pedestrian crossings or reduce the speed on WB Rd to 30??

    It is very clear that it is a very busy road for pedestrians, the busiest on the island by far, as in town is only busy during the daytime when the cruise ships are in. What about the tourist who actually stay over and stay in our hotels, do they not have the right to have a safe passage across the street? I have seen many stupid drivers speed up and blow horns, as well as curse at those poor souls trying to RUN across the street, sometimes with young children or elders and when you try to stop for them, you are met by blaring horns.

    Its sad that the Gov only reacts when there is tragedy, after which it is too late. My thoughts and prayers go out to this lady and her family and I pray she makes it. Open your eyes Cayman!!!

    • Anonymous9 says:

      Unless it is in the wee hours of the morning, you cannot drive 40 down WB Road anyway!!

      I don’t think we’ve been able to go the speed limit in the last several years, so your point is moot.

      Besides, from what I understand, it was some impatient a$$hole overtaking because someone had stopped to let her cross. This is the same thing that happened on Dec 10 when curfew was first lifted after Ivan.

      This needs to be publicized so that everyone knows the dangers of overtaking.

      Just because a car has slowed or stopped in the middle of the road does not always mean they are having a chat with someone on the side of the road.

      • Young Caymanian says:

        DO NOT Talk about Dec 10th as if you know!! That was something COMPLETELY different from this!!!!

        • Spit the Dog says:

          December 10th was a drunk driver hitting someone in the middle lane while overtaking.  That was the kind of selfishness that deserves rotting a long time in jail.

          The scariest thing is that this selfish killer was able to get his licence back at all- people who behave that way should NEVER DRIVE AGAIN – not a paltry three year ban.


    • Anonymous says:

      Who is the responsible person/department for implementing all these good ideas?

    • anonymous says:



      Why is the 7 Mile strib better known as the West Bay road now a "Dager Zone?"

      Just like a School Zone protecting our school children with Signs saying "Slow Down School Zone" between certain school hours.

      WE NEED signs on the West Bay Road where the Tourists are so prevelant that says "Slow Down  Hotel & Tourist Zone"  15 MPH. thee is another Highway they can take to and from town. We need to protect our tourists better than we do, its a shame. Most of the Restaurants are on the opposite side of the road from the Hotel they are staying in so they walk accross.

      MR. BAINES Pleas provide  "Tourist/Pedestrian Crossing" signs on the West Bay road where tourists walk accross to shop or restaurant.

      Its only Fair.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Apparently the blood bank has put out an "urgent" appeal.  I called them today at 4.30pm to ask if I could come doen and donate.  I expected them to say yes, come now.  Instead I was asked to go in tomorrow – not that urgent then.  Unfortunately I will not be going in tomorrow as I fly off island.

  17. Anonymous says:

    i honestly hope this lady makes a full recoveryfrom what sounds like a horriffic accident, our hopes and prayers are with you and your family at this time.

    n.b. i tried to give blood a year ago but was turned away. i dont drink nor smoke, aids std free. love my health so please clear up who they really need blood from? im from uk and was told it was because i lived in the uk when the "mad cow" disease was around even though i stressed i dont even eat red meat.



    • Anonymous says:

      I’m from the UK and been complete vegetarian since 1978 (no red or white meat; no fish).  I too am free of anything but my blood is still not good enough for them on the basis that I lived there during the relevant period, regardless of the fact that I never came into contact with any meat whatsoever!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Pity.. God help her.  This is a daily possibility.. ‘they’ need to install overpasses every few miles – and better lighting.   Why dont the two (Ritz&Hyatt) overpasses allow pedestrians to use them – a design/planning flaw in my books.

    • Anonymous says:

      The only legal way for the pedestrian public to cross west bay road is at the Texaco traffic light.  Everywhere else it is a game of Frogger.

    • Anonymous says:

      You can access the Hyatt overpass (not sure about the Ritz)…the problem is people are to darn lazy to walk up and over (even though lifts are there if you can’t use the stairs).  Cross walks would be a better solution.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I believe that the middle lane of the West Bay road is the most dangerous place on the island. We need to do something about it. I am surprised that we have not had more deaths there with the Americans looking in the wrong direction and the Cayman drivers using that lane to recklessly overtake.

    Can I suggest changing the pavement surface of the middle lane at key points to stop the idiots from over taking in this lane. In the interim, large potted plants at intervals will also do the trick.

    lets not repeat this incident please. NRA, over to you.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am praying for that unfortunate woman.  What a horrific tragedy for her and her family.

      I think it is a miracle there aren’t more accidents at the Strand intersection.  Several times a day you’ll see a ribbon of vehicles waiting to turn into the Strand from the northbound center lane and invariably an Omnibus driver will stop next to them to load groceries for a northbound fare – effectively closing all northbound traffic.  Time for a traffic light at the Strand’s expense…while you’re at it, how about filling those potholes?     

      • Seriously says:

        I don’t even think the expense of traffic lights are required – roundabouts should do just fine in the hot spots and that doesn’t cost that much money to do.  We have to keep in mind that our government is … err … broke.

        I agree with people with respect to overtaking on WB road, however, there is nothing more frustrating than having a car in front of you, and other than yourself there are no other car on the road, for that car in front to then stop to allow someone to cross the road or allow a car to pull out.  Not only are they creating confusion for the driver waiting to pull out (he sees there are only 2 cars on the road and is patiently waiting) but you are creating confusion for the car behind you as there is no reason for you to be stopping in the first place. 

        The law of the road says that you should indicate to warn the driver behind you that you are slowing down and/or stopping.  For someone to stop in the middle of the road is downright dangerous – no matter what they are stopping for.  Unfortunately drivers on this island don’t know what indicators are, let alone lights.  How many cars do you see driving at night with just their parking lights on?   Could someone please tell them that driving with their lights on is not going to halve the shelf life of their battery and/or use more gas.  This poses a risk for pedestrians all on its own as a person waiting to cross the road cannot see the car because they don’t have their lights on.

        I once had a cop stop in town to let pedestrians cross the road at 7pm at night.  The pedestrian crossing was 10m behind us.  Not only was it unsafe for the cop to stop without indicating that he was doing so but it would have been more appropriate for the pedestrians to walk the 10m and cross the road at the pedestrian crossing.  Thats what it is there for.  If I had taken my eyes off the road for a split second I would have rammed into the back of him.  I am all for consideration to all road users but lets please use a little common sense when being considerate.  I am not expecting someone to stop 10m after a pedestrian crossing to allow someone to cross the road. 

        I am very sorry to hear about this woman’s accident but sadly, with the horrendous drivers on this island, it was an accident waiting to happen.  Hopefully something will be done about this now that a tourist has been injured – it seems thats the only way to get change in this country is for something to happen to a tourist.   Not a great place to be if you’re a tourist!

    • Fickleburry Hunn says:

      Absolutely right.  The overtaking idiots should be filmed and banned.

      We must also ban those terrible rickshaw/bicycle things from West Bay Raod completely.  They force people to overtake – they are very very dangerous.

      At that time of night that road is awful.  I once saw a taxi overtake across two lanes going up WB Raod and travel up on the oncoming traffic lane. 

      • Anonymous says:

        "Absolutely right.  The overtaking idiots should be filmed and banned.

        We must also ban those terrible rickshaw/bicycle things from West Bay Raod completely.  They force people to overtake – they are very very dangerous."



        • Kermit says:

          Not nuless you want West Bay Road to move at 6mph in the evenings.  There is a difference between pulling out past those pests and overtaking at 50mph in a busy area.  The second category of people kill others.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope NRA reads your suggestion about the diving of the turning lane.  People also like to use the middle lane to drive on as if it were a road lane.  That is also extremely dangerous and I see it all the time.  I don’t understand why people think that it is okay to do that in a high traffic/pedestrian area.  I get really paranoid when I see someone doing that, because all I can picture is them killing someone, in a car or a pedestrian.

  20. JE'NAE ADAMSONS says:

    I hope all is well with the victim of this incident; as she is a vistor of our island.

    All I know is Grand Cayman, must of had some serious sinners back in the old days because the revenge that’s taking place nowadays is terrible.

    I can’t believe in time to come when my children and grand-children and great-grand children ask me grama what use to happen in your old days.

    My answer will be my darling you wouldn’t want to experience what I went through in my teen years; trust me it wasn’t anything good almost everybody was dying left,right and center.

    Can you imagine what the expats will say about our island now….imagine when someone ask’s them about our island….they’ll say " Well in grand cayman there are frequent killings and unsolved murders it’s not like the older days when it was a lovely vacation in the caymans.

    I honestly wonder what our the younger generations will say and do when they are older.

    Caymanians needs to stand up for what they believe will help us hardworking caymanians…it’s only us who can make a difference why not start today…help our islands crime rates to decrease…by 100%.


    COME ON YOU CAYMANIANS GET UP AND STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe that this has happened!  Perhaps Gov will now put in more ped x crossings on WB Road,

    I hope this person survives!


  22. Anonymous says:

    Generally, I find the traffic along West Bay Road more than accommodating when they see someone trying to cross the road.  I am also familiar with complaints made by visitors to theisland over the years alleging how hard they find it to cross the roads here (do they ever compare this to home I wonder).  What constantly amazes me is how some American tourists (as I’ve never seen anyone else doing this) seem to think it is in order to simply walk out into the middle of a busy highway and thrust out their arms to stop the traffic like some traffic warden.  Others simply walk out without looking left or right or considering the (obvious) consequences of doing so.  If they did that at home they’d be sure to be run over so why do they think it’s OK to do that here?  Now I am not saying this was the case here with this lady, and I certainly do hope she fully recovers and wish her well, but perhaps her experience has made me finally put it down in black and white – can someone get the cruise ships to teach their passengers what they call in England the ‘Green Cross Code’ please?  Simple things such as looking both ways and waiting for a break in traffic or someone to stop could save so many lives and accidents.

    • what a mess says:

      You can’t teach someone to have common-sense. You either have it or you don’t. This of course is not directed to the elderly lady who was hit by not only 1 but 2 cars…can you imagine???


      I pray she recovers and doesn’t hold a grudge against the Cayman Islands for what has happened to her. God knows that no-one wants to have to go through what she is going through right now. Imagine visiting a beautiful, oh so exotic Caribbean island only to get knocked down by 2 vehicles all at once.

      My heart reaches out to the family of this lady and also that she will pull through and still want to visit the Cayman Islands again one day. 

      • Anonymous says:

        A 60-year-old woman is not "elderly"!

        • Anonymous says:

          I would suggest that your perception of someone’s age and ‘elderly’ very much depends on your age, i.e. remember when you was a teenager and you thought everyone over 30 was ‘old’?

  23. Joe Average says:

    I have often wondered why there aren’t any traffic lights or at least a way for pedestrians to cross West Bay Rd. safely.  Right now people must make "a run for it" to get  to the other side of the road.  This is absolutely absurd!!!!

    Thoughtless for visitors or anyone else and a god damn crime.

    I hope she pulls through.  Prayers.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Please let people from the UK donate blood.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Please let people from the UK donate blood.