Government launches campaign for community count

| 21/04/2010

(CNS): Work is now underway to begin the official launch of the Population and Housing Census of the Cayman Islands campaign which will start on 10 October. Between now and then however, government is hoping to educate the community on need for its wide participation. The publicity campaigns will officially begin in Cayman Brac tomorrow and next week on Grand Cayman. An accurate assessment of the numbers and lives of the people across the three islands will help form future government policy and strategies to meet the changing need of the community. It is more than ten years since a full national census was carried out in the Cayman Islands.

The Economics and Statistics Office, in cooperation with the multi-sectoral Census Advisory Committee, its sub-committees and the office of the Sister Islands’ District Commissioner, is organizing the official launching of the Census in Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman. Both events will mark the start of the education and publicity campaign on the importance of the Census in planning a better future for Cayman, and in getting everyone to be counted to make it a successful national activity.
To underscore the importance of the Census 2010, the launch will feature census messages from high-level government officials including Governor Duncan Taylor, Premier McKeeva Bush and Deputy Premier, Juliana O’Connor-Connolly and Financial Secretary Kenneth Jefferson.
A number of spokespersons from various sectors of the community will also be involved in promoting the big community count such as National Hero Sybil McLaughlin, 2010 YCLA winner Collin Anglin and Miss Teen Jamesette Anglin. A video presentation introducing the Census, its various processes, participants, benefits and use in broad terms will also be presented at the launch events on both Grand Cayman and Cayamn Brac.
The launching is scheduled in Cayman Brac on Thursday, April l 22, 2010 at 10:00 am at the District Administration Building Grounds. The Master of Ceremonies will be Deputy Commissioner Mark Tibbetts. While be Radio Cayman talk show host, Sterling Dwayne Ebanks will play MC for the Grand Cayman launch on Thursday 29 April at the Mary Miller Hall. 
Potential Census workers will have the opportunity to sign-up at both launch events and the general public is invited to attend.
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  1. anonymous says:

    I hope the Census workers get paid IMMEDIATELY as their assignment ends. How long is it for by the way?

  2. anonymous says:

    No need to start a negative discussion on the census. It is way overdue.

    People will benefit in many many ways from this census. Please comply when they come to your house ..Give them truthful information. they just need a head count.

    This will determine how much money ca be designated to districts that need a face-lift like BoddenTown and other districts. so no need to fight government on this one and look stupid. also all those criminals in hiding will or maybe flushed out as well. people that are missing, will be accounted for. There are so many ways we will benefit from this that it makes no sense to even begin to explain. 

    Just simply cooperate with them when they come out to see you.


    Hey, Government don’t make the mistake and mail out forms thinking you’re going to get them back completed.

    This has to be done by the Census reps going to the homes sitting down with the family member/s who are at home and filling out the form for them.


    also, it is the Law that people must comply with the census. So make sure the law is in place to require head count from every residence, extended stay motels, hotels, lodges, etc. Some Hotels may have people hiding in them during the census to avoid being counted or accounted for. So pressure must be put on the hotels and motels to  share information with government on their guest register list, to find fugutives..

    • Anonymous says:

      Ummm, I don’t somehow think that the criminals and illegal immigrants are going to return their census forms and declare that they are here, do you?

      Yes a census is required to get a rough idea of people that are living here legally, but it will not help flush out those that are here illegally.

      In those properties where you may have 10-12 immigrants that have overstayed visas and work permits they will obviously either not respond at all or only declare the one or two that are legally living there. These properties are usually rented out in cash to one person and the others all sublet from them.

      To flush out the criminals and illegals the police need to raid some of the local bars down Eastern Ave, Shedden Road, West Bay etc and get down to some of these building sites.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If the Government cannot keep track of its own expenditures, how can we trust them to be able to accurately count the residents here?  I recall that the last census, which asked questions about salary etc. and was supposed to be anonymous, also had a spot to add your block and parcel number.  How anonymous would that be?

    • Anonymous says:

      One has to assume that the CIG requires a census because it has no handle on Immigration, and Birth & Death records.  Is this exercise going to be anything more meaningful than a basic headcount?

      • Anonymous says:

        The census will add useful and up-to-date socio-economic data which is also relied upon in the private sector as part of a wide variety of analyses.  It is rather frustrating to not be able to have up-to-date statistics readily available.  Reliance on stats which are 10-years old proves inaccurate as the socio-economic landscape has been widely re-shaped.

        The census won’t just be beneficial to the public sector but also the private sector.