Mass job cuts being made in UK public sector

| 21/04/2010

(Times-online): More than 225,000 public sector jobs cuts are quietly being forced through by councils, the NHS and police forces, despite Gordon Brown’s pledge to protect frontline services.  The losses, disclosed in a wide-ranging analysis by The Sunday Times, include tens of thousands of nurses and midwives, social workers, teachers and police officers. Management and administrative workers will face the biggest cuts. The cutbacks are already being implemented. Deeper cuts are expected to emerge after the general election, whichever party takes power. A quarter of England’s police forces have warned that they will have to lose officers and staff to meet a £150m funding shortfall.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The UK can’t say that we are not helping them out, as we just hired 14-16 of their police officers from throughout the UK, while our civil/public servants are being threatened to lose their jobs and receive reductions in salaries, while we deal with our deficit and financial crisis here in Cayman.

    I was so amused at what was being said to the media upon their arrival. Firstly, the UK officers were only arriving to assist local officers in ongoing investigations for about 6 weeks.When they arrived, most of the bandits/criminals have all been locked up/charged or either they have all killed one another and are now out of existence.

    Now we are hearing that these UK officers will have to be here a bit longer than originally planned, as our local recruitment was delayed due to budgetary constraints. OK, so once this is underway and is completed, we will then hear that the recruits are inexperienced and needs to be mentored/guided by these officers and their time will once again be extended.

    Following this, we will then hear that due to retirements/resignations in the police service and vacancy’s now becoming available, the UK officers will be then put on local contracts and then become permanent employees of the RCIPS and the CI Government.

    Following this, they will then be promoted to be head/deputy head’s of the various departments and will then reign supreme, as was their objective/plan and the first place

    Just you watch/wait to see what happens !!!